An Introduction to the Best/Worst Tour

Burning the candle at both ends is an understatement when I look back on what could be the most hectic three weeks of my life. The people involved on this tour could be more likened to putting a shitty little birthday candle under a rocket. “There were too many drugs on the tour. And things seem to be in control when everybody was high at the same time, but after seeing people come down and the drama and not giving respect to others it kind of bummed me. I mean… If nothing else I did take a hard look at myself. Reminded myself that I hoped I never got in that point in life where I felt like I was above anybody else… And to that point where drugs take over who I really am.” said Sara Fabel, part of the touring party in Victoria.


I don’t even know where to start. Bam Margera was drunk on arrival, drunk on tour and drunk on departure. He’s in Bali now and I can only guess that he’s still drunk. But who am I to judge? One quick read over my blog will show that I’m not exactly a saint. The difference is there are not as many eyes on me, if any at all. Without getting all Tarentino and starting at the end; on the last night we all tripped on this drug called 25i, part of some family of drugs that completely fuck you up. This guy handed out the drug to me earlier in the night.  I was instructed to put a white sheet of paper above my top teeth and on my gums for around 15 minutes. Know this first – I fucking hate acid and never wanted to experience anything like a trip that I had a few years ago. Rhys assured me that it was nothing like acid, which to be honest I think it was kind of similar. It was nowhere near as bad as acid but it was definitely intense for me when I first started tripping in crappy night clubs and bars in Cairns.

It was just terrible to be around drunken people. When I came back to the hotel we were staying at Bam, his girlfriend Nikki, his good mate Louie Kovach and Matty J (cKy bass player) were all a bit drunk. I was so happy to see them and I think my energy and happiness around them made them want to try out this drug, which has only been around since 2003. I could go on forever about this night, but to cut a longwinded tale short it really fucked Bam up. At the time it was probably a bad thing but I think it almost cleansed him and made him think about the track he’s going down or heading towards. Going back to what I said earlier, imagine yourself tripping out on a drug like this that makes regular Joe paranoid or being someone like Bam Margera who constantly has the attention of everyone in the room. “Bam is his own person and doesn’t like when people are constantly worried or thinking about him” said Louie, a longtime friend of Bam’s. Towards the end of my night, but in the middle of Bam’s drug trip I heard a loud scream coming from downstairs. It was Bam jumping on Louie thinking that he was about to die. “I’m going to die! I’m doing to die!” Bam screamed before jumping on Louie and holding him tightly believing his own words. The next day Bam had his Tarot cards read and seemed somewhat a changed man. I’ll get more into that at on a later blog.

I’ve mentioned this to so many people already but it’s completely true; I had more stories and situations within the first two days of this tour than I have had with any of my tours combined. Drama, stress, chaos, sex, drugs, drugs, drugs, and rock ‘n roll sums up this tour in a big fucking nutshell. What I saw through Rhys’s footage wasn’t the crazy guys from Jackass, it was a dramatic, drug fueled, punk rock road trip that was possibly the best experience I’ve ever fucking had. After being kicked out of 4 hotel rooms in 3 different cities our travel agent would no longer work with us. Our publicist quit halfway through the tour, and returned towards the end. The guitarist quit with 3 shows to go and the support band was fired by Brandon Novak over a impolite phone conversation on the way to our Brisbane show. The problem was the support band provided all of our amps, gear, guitars and drum kit – so essentially we’ve lost a lot of ground and as the manager it made my job a lot fucking harder.

Because this tour had too many stories I wanted to make this blog entry brief. I wanted to space it over time so I get everything down on paper and don’t forget a thing. I had to deal with drug addicts, weird drug dealers, almost 20 different police officers, angry hotel management, crazy groupies, fake promoters, rough security guards, terrified venue managers and a wide array of people that will make this crazy story make more sense.

The most important thing I wanted to write about in this post was an apology to my close and long friends who have been with me no matter what I am doing. The friends who I lose contact with when I go on something like this because of my own exhaustion. Time management and keeping calm is something I am going to learn to do over time, but I understand that when I do this next I need to take time out of the hectic schedule to let my friends and family know and understand that I love them and although they don’t hear from me directly, I am thinking about them constantly. I met hundreds of people on this tour that acted like they were my best friends, and I know that once the tour ended I wouldn’t hear from 80% them again until I start my next adventure.

Looking through Rhys’s footage I can almost see a tale of self-destruction rather than a group of crazy guys having a good time. I’m no expert, in fact I am wrong a fair bit – but I can see two things happening; Bam will either die within the next year if he keeps going the way he is going. Now as a friend of Bam’s I don’t want to see that happening, and neither do his close friends and family. “I’m worried that I’ll get a call waking me up at night and it will be a bad one” said April Margera on the phone to me, worried about her son, a brother, and a friend of many.

Forget all the bad press that you have heard or read about – it’s bullshit. Forget about what I’ve said about Bam in my own anger and venting. Behind the celebrity is a kind-hearted, loving guy who wants people around him to be happy and nothing else. There are road bumps and unexpected twists and turns in his life, but he’s just a normal guy who has been through more than most of us combined. I’m now happy and comfortable calling him a mate and I want to be a part of leading him down the right track. He has opened up a lot of doors for myself and many others and there’s no way in hell I’ll be closing any doors on him and letting people believe in all the bullshit that people have said on social networking and shitty newspapers.

This is an introduction and one of many blogs I want to post about this tour. I know I have a lot of “part 1’s” in my blog but this blog hasn’t even started yet. Right now I am in some shitty bar in Sydney having a $3 wine, and tonight I’ll be sleeping in a camper van. Tomorrow I’m not sure where I am heading but over the next week I’ll try and post many blogs about the tour to try and sum up exactly what happened. I’m still exhausted and still coming down from an amazing experience that unfortunately not many people will get to have. I love you all though.

“Boot camp was the most draining thing I have ever done physically. This tour was the most draining thing I have ever done mentally” – Leon Hill (publicist), 2013.

Thanks for reading!

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